Available Buildings & Sites


Moore County has a variety of available buildings and sites to meet your company’s requirements for start-up, relocation or expansion.


  • We have space ranging from flexible offices to a 600,000+ square-foot industrial facility.
  • We have sites ranging in size from .5 acres to a 3,000-acre industrial park.




>> Heart of North Carolina MegaPark

The Heart of North Carolina MegaPark is a joint collaboration between Moore County and neighboring Montgomery County to develop a 3,000-acre corporate/industrial park located in both counties.  With its strategic location in central North Carolina and close proximity to U.S Interstate 73/74, the site offer easy access to destinations throughout North Carolina and the Eastern Seaboard. 

A 118-acre certified site located in the southwest corner of the Park has road frontage on both Interstate 73/74 and NC Highway 24/27.


 Heart of North Carolina MegaPark



Infrastructure:  The property offers many advantages for business recruitment and expansion including services from all utilities except natural gas, which is currently available within a 30-mile radius of the site.  Fiber optics is available, and in addition to interstate access, rail service is onsite through Aberdeen Carolina & Western Railway that connects to both Norfolk Southern and CSX.

Eco-Friendly:  The MegaPark will be developed as a green, environmentally-sustainable corporate/ industrial location.  Master planning will incorporate best practices to protect and enhance the natural environment and minimize the use of nonrenewable resources.  Specific zoning and covenants will protect onsite wetland areas and wildlife habitats, preserve natural aesthetics and promote conservation planning.

A project of this scale and caliber in central North Carolina combined with a commitment to environmental sustainability is truly unique in the state and has the potential to not only create tremendous economic and lifestyle opportunities for Moore and Montgomery Counties, but also to revolutionize the entire central core of the state.

>> To view a conceptual master site plan, click here.

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Iron Horse Industrial Park in Aberdeen is a 125-acre “shovel-ready” site served by all utilities.  Excellent rail service is available through Aberdeen & Rockfish Railroad.  This site is fully served by all utilities:  electrical power, public water & sewer, and natural gas.  The site has had an in-depth analysis that includes Phase I environment audits, geo-technical studies and topographical analysis, and no adverse issues were identified that would hinder the site’s industrial development.

Southern Pines Corporate Park is an upscale corporate campus on U.S. Highway 1 and is served by all utilities.  To view the concept site plan, click here.



The 100-acre Southern Pines Corporate Park is conveniently located off US Highway 1 in Southern Pines.


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Partners in Progress
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