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Schools in Moore County are committed to teaching an enriched curriculum that will provide students with a solid academic foundation on which to build their futures.


All of the schools in Moore County are dedicated to meeting the diverse needs of students while imparting the skills necessary for future success in business and industry.  The County is served by 23 public schools, 2 charter schools, 6 private schools, and a community college.


Moore County and its communities place a high priority on quality education, affirmed by a national “Blue Ribbon” ranking that among the nation’s largest 2,800+ secondary school districts, Moore County’s is in the Top 33%Based on performance measures such as SAT scores, Moore County consistently exceeds state and national averages.


Another of Moore County’s assets is Sandhills Community College, serving 4,000 curriculum students and 15,000 continuing education students annually.  In the 2009-2010 Performance Measures report by the North Carolina Community College System, 96% of employers who employed SCC graduates indicated that they were satifisfied with services provided by the College.


The College works closely with new and existing businesses and industries to provide customized worker training programs on campus, at the work site and throughout Moore County.  In fact, over 98% of area companies express satisfaction with the training services offered by SCC.  A Small Business Center and innovative Entrepreneurial Certificate Program are among the plethora of resources available at the College.


Educational Attainment

See how Moore County compares to the surrounding counties.  For the population aged 25 years and older:

County % High School Graduates % with at least Bachelor’s Degree
Chatham 86.5% 36.8%
Cumberland 90.0% 23.3%
Harnett 85.6% 19.6%
Hoke 84.9% 19.3%
Lee 80.7% 20.5%
Montgomery 75.0% 14.5%
Moore 89.2% 32.6%
Randolph 79.8% 14.5%
Richmond 80.6% 12.8%
Scotland 78.7% 15.8%
North Carolina 85.8% 28.4%
United States 86.0% 29.7%

Source:  US Census Bureau, 2011-2015 American Community Survey 5-Year Estimates


Business and industry leaders in Moore County can rest assured that their workforce needs will be met through the educational choices available in Moore County.  Residents can take advantage of the accessible, quality education and training here that will serve them well in their careers.




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