Moore County Economic Development Strategic Plan

In January 2017, Hayes Group Consulting, under the direction of Partners in Progress, began a 4-phase process to prepare a strategic economic and community development action plan for Moore County in an effort to proactively address several key issues and opportunities that are impacting countywide economic development, including the following:

Gain consensus on economic development direction across the County.

Address the economic differences between the northern and southern parts of the County.

▪ Identify solutions for specific issues that are barriers to economic growth and development.

▪ Optimize distinctive Moore County assets.

▪ Explore ways to diversify and grow the tax base.

▪ Develop a work plan with relevant metrics to drive economic development.

The following Vision was created as part of the Plan:  To be a national leader in growing a well-diversified county economy — proud of our rural heritage — recognized as a destination with world-class amenities, and for preserving our unique Moore County charm.  This Vision aligns with Partners in Progress’ economic development mission to increase economic prosperity and improve the quality of life for Moore County’s citizens through the creation of quality jobs and capital investment in our communities.

As a result of personal interviews and focus groups conducted with community and business leaders across the County, as well as a community-wide web survey and other research that was compiled, several key focus areas emerged as having significant potential for growth and development opportunities:

1) Healthcare & Medical Sector:  expanding the existing healthcare industry cluster and attracting medical-related businesses;

2) Defense & Military Sector:  leveraging Moore County’s proximity to Fort Bragg and attracting defense & military-related businesses;

3) Golf & Sports Recreation:  capitalizing on the “Home of American Golf” brand and creating a golf & sports-related industry cluster;

4) Manufacturing:  positioning Moore County within the NC Megasite Corridor and attracting niche manufacturing enterprises;

5) Rural Transformation:  developing opportunities in Moore County’s rural and distressed communities through town revitalization/beautification, business enterprise, tourism, and agribusiness.

The 44-page Strategic Plan provides recommendations for addressing the issues outlined in the bullet points above.  Seven (7) goals are identified with specific strategies for achieving each goal, and an action matrix for implementing the plan is outlined.

A 2-page Capsule Summary of the Plan can be accessed here.