Start / Relocate / Expand

Helping Industries Succeed 

Moore County

… welcomes new business and industry opportunities and is committed to maintaining a pro-business environment conducive to growth and success.

Moore County Partners in Progress is a “one-stop” resource to help you start, relocate or expand your business here. Our services include providing demographics and market research, assisting with building and site selection, identifying incentives and other funding sources, serving as a liaison to local governments, and providing easy access to community resources such as education, training, and networking. We offer customized assistance to support entrepreneurs, and industry relocations and expansions.

Buildings & Sites

Moore County has a variety of available buildings and sites to meet your company’s requirements for start-up, relocation, or expansion.


Financial assistance may be available to eligible industries that are locating or expanding in Moore County.


Moore County has a solid infrastructure that not only meets the needs of current business and industry, but also can accommodate significant future growth.

Workforce & Training

Moore County’s variety of training resources ensures that industries can meet their long-term employment needs to increase productivity and remain competitive.

Start a Business

Moore County is a great place to start your business. We welcome entrepreneurs and new business owners and strive to maintain an advantageous business environment. This pro-business environment, plus an exceptional quality of life, low property taxes, and the availability of entrepreneurial resources are just a few of the many reasons it makes sense to locate your business here.

Whether you are an entrepreneur starting a business, or an established company needing to relocate or expand, Moore County offers the resources and assistance to help you succeed.