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Moore County has achieved the Certified Entrepreneurial Community® designation which means we are “entrepreneur-ready” and our communities are places where entrepreneurs succeed. We have a robust entrepreneurial ecosystem and a supportive culture that help launch new business ideas and move small businesses toward opportunity and growth.  (Read more about Moore County’s Certified Entrepreneurial Community® designation here.)

Let Partners in Progress connect you to the resource providers and assistance you need to navigate your entrepreneurial journey smoothly and successfully.

Talk to a Small Business Counselor One-on-One for Free

Contact any of the following organizations and speak to knowledgeable advisors who can provide free, confidential business counseling.

Small Business Center

In addition to providing free seminars & workshops for entrepreneurs and small business owners, the Small Business Center at Sandhills Community College in Pinehurst can tailor their assistance more specifically for businesses in Moore County.

Teresa Reynolds, Director
(910) 695-3938

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>> To register for a free seminar or workshop, click here.
>> SBC Fall 2022 Online Seminars, click here.

EDPNC Small Business Advisors

The EDPNC Small Business Advisors team offers free phone consultations to entrepreneurs and small business owners. They can answer a wide variety of questions about establishing your business in North Carolina and can provide guidance to help you start your new venture on the right track.

Toll-free 800-228-8443
Online contact form
Monday – Friday 8:30 am – 4:00 pm
Se Habla Español

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The experienced business advisors at the Small Business and Technology Development Center (SBTDC) provide objective advice and feedback at no cost to North Carolina startups and businesses. Moore County is served by the SBTDC’s Fayetteville State University and UNC Pembroke offices.

FSU: (910) 672-1727
UNCP: (910) 775-4007

>> To request one-on-one counseling & become an SBTDC client, click here.


As successful business professionals and entrepreneurs themselves, the mentors at the Sandhills chapter of SCORE can offer free, confidential advice on every aspect of starting and running a business. Access their free online resources library that provides business templates, guides, articles, and other helpful tools.

(910) 420-0121

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Follow 5 Steps to Get Your Business Started

STEP 1: Prepare Your Business Plan

A Business Plan translates your business idea into a written, attainable plan of action and serves as a detailed road map for achieving your business goals. It’s important not only as the foundation for starting and managing your business, but it is also essential for securing potential funding from lenders and investors to financially support your new venture.

Quick links:
Business Plan Checklist
Business Plan Template


STEP 2: Identify Sources of Financing

Readily-available, sufficient funding is needed to launch your new business and maintain daily operations, but you may also eventually need capital to support your business’ future growth. Identifying various sources for accessing capital is an ideal way to finance a startup without overextending personal savings and credit cards.

Quick links:
NC Rural Center’s Guide to Financing for Small Businesses
SBTDC’s Capital Opportunities for Small Businesses

STEP 3: Choose a Business Location

You’ve already made a great decision by choosing Moore County as the location for your business! To optimize your success, there are many factors you should consider in choosing a specific location, but we’re confident that having your business in a Certified Entrepreneurial Community® like Moore County will bring you one step closer to achieving your business goals.

Quick links:
SBA – Pick Your Business Location


STEP 4: Choose a Business Structure & Register Your Business Name

Before choosing a business structure, it’s a good idea to consult an attorney and/or accountant as each structure comes with unique legal and tax consequences. You’ll need to register your business name with the state of North Carolina and also with the Moore County Register of Deeds office if you’re using an assumed business name (DBA).

Quick links:
NC Secretary of State Office
Moore County Register of Deeds Office


STEP 5: Meet Employer Registration, Reporting & Tax Requirements

This step covers several topics such as applying for state and federal Employer Identification Numbers, obtaining applicable licenses & permits, completing employer forms, and meeting reporting deadlines & tax filing requirements.

Quick links:
Business Forms
NC Business & Occupational License Database
Federal & State Taxes

Access Resources through SEEN’s Resource Navigator


The Sandhills Entrepreneurial Engagement Network (SEEN) serves the 10-county Sandhills region that includes Moore County by connecting local entrepreneurs and small business owners to resources and assistance to help them start, sustain, and grow their businesses. SEEN’s Resource Navigator provides access to a searchable database of local, regional, state, and federal resource providers.


Resource Navigator

Much more than a directory, SEEN’s Resource Navigator is a dynamic and interactive platform that provides entrepreneurs 24/7 access to the help they need to start and grow their businesses. The Resource Navigator below highlights those resource providers located in Moore County and those that serve Moore County. Input the filters on the left to narrow your search and find the specialized assistance you’re looking for.


Access Additional Resources & Links

We’ve compiled a list of other valuable resource providers who can offer additional assistance, as well as helpful links to connect you to more information.